Alight Advocacy Services

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Dedicated to resolving your benefits challenges and ensuring you have a voice and a helping hand.

Alight Advocates are highly qualified individuals who average more than 18 years of benefits industry experience. They have been called guardian angels because they are persistent, professionally experienced, compassionate, and focused on helping you.

Alight’s Advocacy Services provides a number of ways to help you:

  • Resolve healthcare billing and claim disputes both before and after seeking services.
  • Locate in-network doctors, specialists, hospitals, and other healthcare providers.
  • Transfer your deductible from one third-party administrator to another if you've changed in the middle of the plan year.
  • Navigate your Medicare questions.
  • Seek care after a denial.

The amount of time it takes for an Advocate to resolve an issue varies. Advocates work hard on your behalf and many issues can be resolved within five business days. If you have an urgent issue, carefully explain the situation when you contact advocacy services. Your Advocate will attempt to resolve your urgent issue within 24 hours. And, if your Advocate needs more time to completely resolve the issue, he or she will contact you with regular status updates.

This service is available to Allstate employees and Esurance/AFI associates free of charge as a part of the benefits package the company provides to you.

Alight Advocates are available by calling (888) 622-1200 anytime Monday through Friday, 7 am - 6 pm Central time.