Amber Boone

Amber lost 70 pounds and is loving life

She's got confidence she never had before


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Amber Boone, a quality team leader in the Indianapolis office, is the kind of person who's always there for the people in her life — her family, her friends, her coworkers. The only person she didn't used to be there for? Herself. "Energy for Life helped me realize that if I put myself and my health first, I'd be better able to support my family and friends," said Amber. "And live a long, healthy life."

After consulting with her doctor, Amber started on a journey to better health using tools she learned in Energy for Life. "I made sure I was eating several small meals during the day," said Amber, "and I began tracking my food on the MyFitness Pal app." She weaned herself off her daily sweet tea, drinking water instead. At first the change was difficult, says Amber, "But after a while, my body didn't even want the sweet tea anymore."

Amber also started exercising with a co-worker five days a week. Having never worked out before, she started slowly at first, building up to more intense workouts over time. "After a while it wasn't really about the weight loss," said Amber. "I just wanted to challenge my body more."

Now 70 pounds lighter – and six pounds from the goal-weight she had set with her doctor – Amber is feeling great. "It's changed my life," said Amber, "I feel confident, happier, and overall just better about myself."

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