Biometric Screening

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Biometrics-SideimageWant to avoid the $600 Wellbeing Assessment surcharge on your 2019 Allstate Medical Plan premiums? Here are the two important steps you’ll want to take:

  1. Step #1: Get a biometric screening at work or through your doctor; AND
  2. Step #2: Complete the 2018 September Wellbeing Assessment online.

Please note: Anyone hired on or after July 31, 2018, does not need complete the 2018 Wellbeing Assessment to avoid the surcharge if they elect Allstate Medical Plan coverage for 2019.

Get a biometric screening at work

We’re offering biometrics screenings across the enterprise through August. Getting a screening at work is the convenient way to get the biometric numbers needed for this year’s September Wellbeing Assessment. In 15 minutes or less, health professionals will do a quick finger prick; take your blood pressure; and measure your height, weight and waist behind a privacy screen. Offered free of charge*, these screenings are confidential and your biometric numbers will be automatically uploaded to the September Wellbeing Assessment for you. New this year, if you get a screening at the office, you’ll earn 500 points toward your 2018 wellness incentives.

Work in Northbrook, IL or Irving, TX? You can get a biometric screening at the Allstate Good Life® Wellness Center. To make an appointment, call (847) 402-2300 in Northbrook or (972) 915-7700 in Irving. Appointments are available Monday through Friday, 7 - 11 a.m. New this year, if you get a screening at a Wellness center, you’ll earn 500 points toward your 2018 wellness incentives.

*The cost is paid for by the Allstate Medical Plan and your employer.

See if your biometric numbers have been uploaded

If you get a biometric screening at work, your biometric numbers will be uploaded to our third-party wellness vendor, Virgin Pulse, approximately 1-2 weeks after your screening.**

You can check your numbers:

  • Online: Log on to Virgin Pulse via Your Benefits Resources™ (first time visitors need to register). Once inside your Virgin Pulse account, hover over the Tracking bar and select Stats. Scroll down to see your biometric numbers.
  • On the App: If you’ve already registered your Virgin Pulse account and have downloaded the Virgin Pulse app, you can also see the numbers on the app by selecting Stats from the Menu page.

If you believe an error has been made in the uploading of your biometric numbers, contact Virgin Pulse at (833) 536-4198 or email

**If you complete your biometrics at an Allstate Good Life Wellness Center after August 20, 2018, your biometric numbers may not be uploaded to your Virgin Pulse account; you may need to manually enter them when you take the September Wellbeing Assessment.

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Can’t get a screening at the office?

Or prefer not to? No problem. Simply get one through your doctor. If you go to an in-network provider, an annual preventive physical — which includes a biometric screening — is generally covered at 100%, with no deductibles, coinsurance or copayments.*

Don’t forget to take this handy biometrics form with you. And keep your results in a place where you’ll be able to easily access them when you take the 2018 September Wellbeing Assessment.

*If you are enrolled in an Allstate Medical Plan coverage option, including HMOs. Subject to the terms of the Medical Plan.