Dan Downey Got a Wake-Up Call

And a new lease on life


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Get up. Get dressed. Go to work. Go home. Go to bed. Repeat again the next day.

That’s how Dan Downey, a benefits consultant in Allstate’s Northbrook office, described his life before he took Energy for Life (EFL) in 2012. When he got home from work, he was exhausted and had absolutely no energy left over for anything, including family or friends.

The wake-up call Dan got during the 1.5-day workshop was loud and clear – and it changed his life forever. "Energy for Life gave me the opportunity to take time out of my busy work schedule and reflect on my life," Dan said. During the workshop, Dan realized that the traumatic experience of breaking his back at age 23 had left an indelible mark on his life. With the same determination that helped him walk again years ago after being told that he likely wouldn’t be able to do so, Dan vowed to better take care of himself so he could give back to the family who had given him so much over the years.

"My EFL coaches were so supportive of me as I discovered everything that I had neglected to do for quite a long time," said Dan. "During the graduation ceremony at the end of the workshop, I was so deeply touched, I was crying most of the time."

Armed with a new lease on life, Dan returned to work with a renewed and invigorated sense of purpose. Dan used his new-found energy to listen more when he got home, connecting with his family and understanding what was important to them.

"I became a much better husband, father and family member," Dan said. "My kids suddenly found that Dad was much more interested in their friends and activities. I was more available to help them with school and the relationships with friends." Dan also took control of his health, working with his doctors on a number of health issues he had neglected. He also began taking advantage of opportunities at work to improve his wellbeing, like the annual biometric screenings offered through Allstate Good Life and took EFL’s follow-up workshop, Continuing Your Journey.

In the four years since Dan started his EFL journey, he’s become a zealous advocate for the workshop. "I think everyone should be required take it," he said. Dan’s advice to anyone who hasn’t yet taken EFL? "Please don’t sell yourself or your loved ones short. Take the opportunity to improve your life now before it possibly becomes too late."

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