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From college coed to corporate warrior

EFL helped Emmy make the transition with ease


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Emmy Swift started her first rotation in Allstate’s leadership development program last summer. In addition to a new job, new coworkers and a new place to live, Emmy had a completely different lifestyle than the one she had as a student at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. “Instead of walking from class to class every 45 minutes,” said Emmy. “I found myself mostly sitting at my desk and in meetings for a majority of the day.”

Having signed up for Energy for Life (EFL) at the urging of the manager of her program, Emmy was thrilled to discover EFL could help her adjust to her new work environment with her energy intact. “The instructors shared a number of tips and tricks to keep up my energy by moving, stretching and walking throughout the day,” said Emmy.

A former member of her university’s competitive rowing team, Emmy is no stranger to change. When a college injury forced her to give up her beloved sport, she turned to running to keep active. “I really enjoyed running, but I didn’t approach it with the same competitive spirit that I did rowing,” said Emmy.

“At one point during the EFL workshop,” said Emmy, “The instructor asked each of us, ‘What do you want to be?’ The first thing that popped into my head was a competitive marathoner. It completely took me by surprise.” Armed with her new-found resolve, Emmy was crossing the finish line of her first marathon a few weeks later.

Emmy’s now putting her passion for environmental science to good use in her current rotation in Allstate Brand Operations, working on initiatives like e-billing and e-delivery. She was also part of an initiative to create a zero-waste conference for her leadership development team.

“I’m so grateful that EFL reminded me I’m in control of my life. I really can accomplish anything I put my mind to,” says Emmy.

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