Allstate Good Life Perks

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Get exclusive Allstate employee discounts in one convenient place.

As a member of Allstate Good Life® Perks, you'll have access to hundreds of money-saving deals throughout the year, including:

  • Cell Phones: Employee discounts available for major carriers
  • Computers: Employee pricing for major brands
  • Eating In or Eating out : Up to 90% off at 18,000 locations
  • Personal Vacations: Discounts on Air, Hotel & Car Rentals
  • Apparel, Gifts, and More: Save at over 26,000 merchants
  • FedEx: Personal discount allows you to mail for less
  • Fitness: GlobalFit offers discounts at centers near you
  • Entertainment: Concerts, museums, and more

It costs nothing to sign up – and new offers are continually being added to the program.

When you register for Allstate Good Life® Perks, you'll have immediate access to the exclusive Allstate employee discounts offered by the program. Allstate-only offers found under the "Exclusives" section.

Additionally, you'll receive periodic emails updating you on special discounts and promotions. If you don't want to receive these emails, simply follow these directions:

  • On the drop down arrow next to your name, select Email Settings.
  • You'll see a list of Email Notification Settings such as Offer Reminders, Perk Alerts, and Daily Deal Alerts.
  • Uncheck any box to turn off the email notification.
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