Premier In-Network Providers

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Want to save money? Consider using a Premier In-Network Provider.

Premier In-Network Providers offer the potential to reduce out-of-pocket costs for participants in the Allstate Medical Savings Plan or Allstate Medical Value Plan option through an alternative cost for services arrangement.

Premier In-Network Providers are currently only located in the Chicagoland area. Premier In-Network Provider pricing is available only to individuals who have Aetna as their third-party administrator.

Your Cost for Services

Here's how much you pay for eligible expenses when you use a Premier In-Network Provider:

  Allstate Medical Savings Plan & Allstate Medical Value Plan
Preventive Care Services $0
Non-Preventive Care Services 5% coinsurance after deductible* for all services except for Emergency Room

Emergency Room: 20% coinsurance after deductible*

* In-network deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums apply.

Premier In-Network Providers

The following NorthShore University HealthSystem providers are designated as Premier In-Network Providers:

Hospitals Physicians*
  • Evanston Hospital
  • Glenbrook Hospital
  • Highland Park Hospital
  • Skokie Hospital
NorthShore Medical Group

To search for Premier In-Network Providers, go to and search under the “Find a Doctor” tab. Be sure to click the box that says "NorthShore Medical Group" when searching.*

*Important note:

  • Physicians with a NorthShore Medical Group affiliation qualify for the Premier In-Network Provider pricing.
  • Physicians designated as NorthShore “independent practitioners” generally do not qualify for the special Premier In-Network Provider pricing; their services are subject to the Plan’s regular in-network cost structure.

For complete plan information, see the:

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