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Energy for Life empowers you to make time for yourself and take action to live into your full potential.

We all want to be at our best when it matters most. In today’s 24/7 world, with increasing pressure to always be “on” and do more, this stress can wear us down, drain our motivation and result in burnout.

Energy for Life provides a simple, proven path to sustainable behavior change that will help you take charge and direct your life toward a purpose. By identifying who and what matters most, you will be prepared to face daily challenges and maximize your energy for better work / life integration.

This course will equip you with the information, tools, and long-term support to help you get physically energized, emotionally connected, mentally focused and better aligned with your purpose.

As part of our Employee Value Proposition, Allstate invests in the opportunity for every employee to experience Energy for Life either in-person or virtually. The focus of the course is on principles learned from more than 30 years of research on human energy by the Human Performance Institute.

Energy for Life Offerings

Energy for Life 1.5 day* – the flagship in-person workshop offered at Home Office and in the field. You will get the opportunity to step away from your daily responsibilities and fully immerse yourself for a day and a half in this hands-on format.

Energy for Life Virtual – for those unable to attend the 1.5 day workshop for whatever reason, this alternative and more flexible format allows you to learn at your own pace and still benefit from group learning. Taken over the course of four weeks, EFL Virtual combines interactive online coursework with virtual group discussions which are led by an Allstate Energy for Life Performance Coach. Expect to commit up to 2 hours per week to complete the full experience.

Continuing Your Journey* – designed for those who have already taken either of the Energy for Life workshops, this four-hour course helps you explore new science on the power of habits and reconnect to your ultimate mission. No exercise clothing is required.

Complete one of these courses between 1/1/2019 and 11/30/2019, and you could earn 15,000 points toward Virgin Pulse rewards. Learn more.

*availability based on location

Do you need Energy for Life? Get a FREE energy profile.

In just minutes, the Human Performance Institute’s free Energy Profile can help you obtain a snapshot of your current physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy. Take this before and then again 90 days after the course to measure changes that may include increased performance.

Based on the work of Dr. Jim Loehr in The Power of Full Engagement and The Power of Story, the Free Energy Profile reflects the concepts used in the Human Performance Institute's hugely successful Corporate Athlete® Course, which has helped thousands increase their energy and achieve their development goals—and upon which the Energy for Life course is based.

Who is able to attend Energy for Life?

All Allstate employees are encouraged to attend these complimentary courses.

What impact has Energy for Life had on the lives of Allstaters?

Energy for Life has made a significant impact of the lives of many Allstaters, including a greater ability to focus and perform at work, improved relationships with family and friends, and an increased sense of purpose in life.

Based on research conducted with graduates 90 days after taking Energy for Life...

  • 77% say their daily actions are more consistent with their life’s purpose
  • 79% of graduates feel more engaged at work
  • 75% of graduates say they are thinking more clearly under conditions of high demand

Learn some of their stories on AllstateTV.

Why is Allstate offering Energy for Life?

You are Allstate's core strength. We can create a more energized Allstate when your wellbeing is supported so that you are enabled to take better care of yourself, your colleagues and our Allstate customers.

Who teaches Energy for Life?

The in-person 1½ day course is taught by a talented team of energetic professionals. Learn more.

The Energy for Life Virtual e-course was developed by the Human Performance Institute, and the virtual group discussions are led by the same team of Allstate EFL Performance Coaches.

How do you register for Energy for Life?

In-Person 1½ Day Course: If you are in Northbrook, IL or Irving, TX you can register via the LMS on Talent Connection. For other field offices, contact your local Admin Manager or HR Manager to request Energy for Life at your location.

Virtual Course: Search TalentConnection-Learning using the keywords: “Energy for Life Virtual Course Kickoff.”

Please register for a kick-off session that fits your schedule. Attendance is required to gain access to the online coursework and inclusion in the check-in discussions.

Frequently asked questions about Energy for Life

If you’re considering or have signed up for Energy for Life, you may have questions. Get the answers you need.

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