Resilience Resources

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Don't let stress or the pace of change get the best of you. Check out these resources.

Science-backed resiliency training through Whil

You have access to three of Whil’s comprehensive, science-backed resiliency training programs through our wellbeing vendor, Virgin Pulse:

  • Whil – Mindfulness 101
  • Whil – Yoga 101
  • Whil – Emotional Intelligence 101: Search Inside Yourself

Each program consists of 7 to 11 video/audio sessions (2 to 20 minutes in length) to help you better manage stress in your life.

These Whil programs are available on Virgin Pulse’s website, which you have single sign on access to through Your Benefits Resources™ or through the Virgin Pulse mobile app.


What is meditation?

  • 1) A state of thoughtful awareness
  • 2) Being completely present
  • 3) Deep mental peace

Meditation can help…

  • Reduce the negative impact of stress
  • Give us a break from the activity in our minds
  • Build focus and concentration
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Lessen depression
  • Boost cognitive function
  • Increase self-acceptance
  • Help you sleep better
  • Lower high blood pressure

For tips on how to set up a personal meditation practice, click here.

For information on Allstate Quiet Spaces, click here.

Onsite Meditation Programs

Chicago, IL

Morning meditations offered with possible lunchtime offering coming soon. Contact Patrick Higgins for more information.

Jacksonville, FL

Meditation offered weekly in auditorium. Contact Namrata Rohack for details.

Malvern, PA

Meditation offered every Wednesday at 9 AM and 2 PM in the Well and Fit Room. Contact Lien Huynh or Mary Tague for more information. (Free, no sign up required).

Yoga offered Tuesday and Thursday at noon (nominal fee applies). Contact Karen Walton for more information.

Nashville, TN

First Tuesday of every month in the Southern Region. 8th floor, Music Row A from 2-2:15 PM. Contact Emily Chicoine for more information.

Northbrook, IL

North Plaza B-Basement Energize Room:

South Plaza G-Auditorium:

Tuesdays 12:30 – 1:00 PM (click here to add to calendar)

Contact Katerina Tapas for more information or to join the Northbrook meditation distribution list.

Raleigh, NC

Meditations hosted usually once a day at 2 or 3 PM for 10 minutes from April – October. Contact Judith Bridgham for details.

Tampa, FL

Yoga and Meditation (weather permitting) every Wednesday from 12:15 – 1:00 PM. Contact Tara Laval (813) 222-8061 for more information.

Don’t see your location listed?

Not to worry, this is not an exhaustive list – more will be added as we gather information. Check with your local Wellbeing Champion to see if group meditation sessions will be offered in your area.
You can also check out the Mindfulness Toolkit for guided relaxation and meditation exercises through LifeWorks.

NEW! Skype weekly meditation offering

The Northbrook South Plaza meditation is also offered via Skype and open to all employees.

Tuesdays 12:30-1:00 PM (click here to add to your calendar)

Sleep Health

Getting the proper amount of sleep is an important part of stress management and mental health. People who are sleep-deprived are more likely to experience poor concentration and irritability, have accidents, and even suffer from depression, according to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Excessive sleepiness not only affects your physical health, it has a big impact on your mental health as well. When you don't get the 7-9 hours of quality sleep you need, it can heavily influence your outlook on life, energy level, motivation, and emotions. People with insomnia are 10 times as likely to have clinical depression and 17 times as likely to have clinical anxiety (

Allstate Good Life provides you with resources to support a more restful night:

  • LifeWorks Sleep Health Toolkit
  • Virgin Pulse Sleep Guide: Sleep better than ever! Pick a sleep profile, get customized tips, and see all your sleep data in once place. Available on Virgin Pulse’s website, which you have single sign on access to through Your Benefits Resources.

LifeWorks Employee Assistance Program

Pill bottleIf you’re looking for ideas for handling stress, finding new ways to relax, building healthy relationships, or just need some suggestions on ways to navigate the demands of work and family life, LifeWorks can help.

You have access to a range of services including confidential consultations, in-person counseling, referrals to helpful resources, and a wealth of online content and tools. All at no cost to you. Simply call (800) 635-0606 anytime to speak with a LifeWorks consultant or visit the recently updated website at (user name: allstate; password: 3289).

Take LifeWorks wherever you go with the NEW LifeWorks mobile app, available on the Apple Store or Google Play. After you download the LifeWorks app,

  • 1. Select “Log in”; and
  • 2. Enter User name: allstate; Password: 3289
If you require a personal response, please contact the appropriate party.