Tami thought she was doing great

Until her body started telling her otherwise


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Tami Gorodetzer, an employment brand consultant in the Northbrook office, didn’t waste any time getting on with her life after receiving her B.A. from Appalachia State University in North Carolina. In less than a month, she had packed up her belongings, moved to a new city away from family and friends, found a job, and started working at Allstate. What she didn’t realize was the toll all these changes were having on her. That is, until she kept getting sick.

Tami racked her brain trying to think what might have caused the rash – A new shampoo? Different fabric softener. "Nothing came to mind," she said. When the doctor Tami finally consulted asked if she had been experiencing stress or anxiety, Tami realized the rash was a result of all the recent changes in her life. "My body was literally calling out to me," said Tami.

In typical Tami fashion, she began taking immediate action to get her mental health back on track. "I made sure I was eating right, getting enough sleep, and connecting with family and friends," said Tami. A simple technique Tami employed was to set an alarm reminding her when it was time to go to bed each night.

Having realized she missed the structure and support systems she had come to rely on in college, she joined PRIDE, an Allstate employee resource group (ERG). "Getting involved in PRIDE helped me build a community with other Allstaters who were experiencing some of the same things I was," said Tami.

Tami also started seeing a therapist on a weekly basis, the expense for which she was happy to find was covered under the Allstate Medical Plan.* "I’m a big believer in therapy," says Tam. "It provides me with a safe place where someone will listen and advocate for me."

Armed with these resources, Tami began feeling better and started thriving both at work and at home. "Of course, everyone has their good days and bad days," said Tami, "But if I hadn’t addressed the issues in my life, I wouldn’t be able to show up most days in the way I want to. I am a better co-worker, a better friend, a better family member because it."

*Deductibles, coinsurance and out-of-pocket maximums apply.

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LifeWorks can help you find peace of mind

If you’re looking to better handle stress, find new ways to relax, or navigate the demands of work and family life, the LifeWorks employee assistance program can help. Confidential consultations, referrals, and online tools are offered at no cost to you. You and your household members are also eligible for up to 5 FREE in-person counseling sessions with a behavioral health professional per issue per rolling calendar year.

Call (800) 635-0606 or visit the LifeWorks website (user name: allstate; password: 3289).