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Vince Klos took back control of his day

Energy for Life showed him how


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Since taking Energy for Life (EFL) in November 2018, manager of investment finance, Vince Klos, has been more energetic throughout the day. It’s a great feeling.

Before Vince took the 1-1/2 day seminar, he often felt like he didn’t have enough time to accomplish everything he wanted to do at work and at home. “Energy for Life helped me to realize that there are only 24 hours in a day so how I allocate that time is important,” says Vince. “Since taking the class, I’m much more in control over how I spend my time during the day.”

Vince also found that following the tips he learned about eating to achieve maximum energy were particularly helpful, including eating smaller portions and more often throughout the day. “I also started becoming more disciplined about getting a good night’s sleep,” says Vince. “All those things helped me feel better and have a more positive outlook.”

In fact, Vince had such a positive experience with EFL that he quickly enrolled in its follow up class, Continuing Your Journey. “It was really helpful to revisit the concepts I had learned and to tackle the roadblocks and challenges that were standing in the way,” says Vince.

“I think just about anyone would get something out of Energy for Life,” says Vince. “I encourage everyone I work with to go.”

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